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Project 7:
Zaso Children's Home


The Zaso Children's Home is an "orphanage" in Zanzibar City. It is home to 47 kids aged 5 to 21 who are HIV positive. Unfortunately, the topic of HIV is still very stigmatized in Tanzania and is rather "hushed up". The orphanage is therefore not a classic orphanage in which children with deceased parents live. Some of the children still have parents, but living at home with their parents is impossible because they are socially ostracized in their villages and the necessary support cannot be provided to them in a family context. At the Zaso Children's Home, the sick children have the chance of a relatively "normal" life through extensive medical treatment as well as educational and psychological support.

Because the Zaso Children's Home is not funded by the state - due to the stigmatization already mentioned - the project lacks not only sufficient staff but also financial resources. In particular, special medical care for children and a nutrient-rich diet tailored to their illness are incredibly expensive here. If you take part in this project as a volunteer, you will be charged an extra weekly fee of 25 euros, which will directly benefit the children in the orphanage.

Volunteering im Zaso Children's Home


Zaso Children's Home is a little further compared to the other Zaidi projects. You will be out and about with the Dalla Dalla for about 1 hour and will also have lunch with the kids in the project. Because some of the children are taught in the morning and others in the afternoon, you will always have something to do throughout the day. Working hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. So you leave here in Paje at 8 a.m. and will be back home around 5 p.m.

The tasks of volunteers at the Zaso Children's Home are diverse. As always, there are hardly any limits to your creativity - designing projects, doing crafts, singing, dancing, learning English, playing football and much more. The attachment work is certainly more important in this project than in the other projects. Because the children in the orphanage often have difficult backgrounds - not just because of the illness, but above all because of how society deals with it - you will probably build lasting relationships with the kids just by "being there" and listening. So you get the chance of giving them a company in a small period on their rocky path through life. Volunteering at Zaso Children's Home will definitely be an intensive experience for future volunteers.

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Visit the website or social media of Zaso Children's Home to revieve a deeper insight.

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