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Project 2:

Charity School Bwejuu

The charity school in Bwejuu (approx. 2 km away from Paje) attends to the education of disadvantaged children and young people. A total of 569 students - some orphans - between the ages of 4 and 17 go to this school. 

Volunteering at Charity School Bwejuu

Your tasks and support options at the Charity School are diverse. In addition to a German learning project, which we recently launched in cooperation, you have the opportunity, depending on your interests, to teach or simply to play, paint, sing and dance with the children. The children and young people who have no "home" sleep at school. Volunteers would have the opportunity to create various afternoon activities, such as art or sports projects. There is also an internal orphanage for these children, which is in need of renovation. The school could use support for this as well. 


For more informations...

You are also welcome to visit the Charity School Bwejuu's website or social media channels to find out more.

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