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Project 4:

Bwejuu Development Community

The NGO was founded in 2018 by villagers from Bwejuu. Among other things, the group helps families in need, campaigns for better education and does educational work in the field of health (e.g. drinking water, HIV, substance abuse, etc.). An important part of their work is nature conservation, for which the group would like help from volunteers.

Volunteering at Bwejuu Development Community

Gartenarbeit bei Bwejuu Development Community
Plastikmüll Bwejuu

As a volunteer with the Bwejuu Development Community, you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to protecting the island's biodiversity and natural resources. In concrete terms, this means: regular garbage collection campaigns on the beaches and in the village, planting trees and mangroves, protecting bees and preserving corals. Since the NGO was created by the villagers alone, the members currently lack the necessary financial resources to complete their office buildings. The search for sponsors and supporters would therefore also be an important task for future volunteers.

For more informations...

You are also welcome to visit the Bwejuu Development Community website or social media channels for more information.

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