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Project 3:

Southern Surgeons Vet Clinic

Southern Surgeons Vet Clinic is a newly opened veterinary clinic in Jambiani and is currently self-managed by a local vet named Abdi. Abdi makes home visits to sick animals as well as treatments and surgeries in the clinic. A matter of his heart is the adequate treatment of street animals. He needs urgent support for this in particular. 


Abdi has already worked for a large animal welfare organization in Tanzania and has a wide range of experience in volunteer support. For factual exchange and cooperation at eye level in order to make a difference in terms of veterinary care - especially for street animals - here in Zanzibar, Abdi specifically wants interns studying veterinary medicine. In addition, he would be happy to receive a donation from the volunteers per week to create the best possible learning atmosphere and practice situations for students.

For more informations...

The Southern Surgeons Vet Clinic does not yet have its own website or social media platform. You are welcome to contact Abdi directly via Whatsapp (+255 717 491 426) to find out more

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