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and fees

Participation Requirements

We accept participants from 17 years old. Special previous experience or knowledge is not necessary - only in some projects, such as in animal protection or in hospitals, the responsibles would like "their" volunteers to be students in the medical field or something similar.

In order to be able to communicate on projects or with our English-speaking team members, basic knowledge of English is an advantage. Otherwise, you just need to have a healthy amount of empathy and openness to have a great, unforgettable volunteer experience.

In addition, we require a simple police clearance certificate and a short curriculum vitae in English from you before you arrive. The possible stay in our program is 4 - 12 weeks. In order to be able to settle in well on Zanzibar and in the projects, we have set the minimum length of stay at 4 weeks. Due to visa regulations, volunteers can stay with us for up to 3 months. For social work students there are special regulations, which allows them to stay up to 5 moths for their internship.


One-time registration fee: €200

+ Program fee: €200 per week in a shared room or €250 per week in a double room

Included program services

  • Intense support from our German-Tanzanian team before, during and after your program

  • 24/7 telephone and personal availability

  • Orientation day and project support on the first day

  • Project placement according to your wishes

  • Accommodation at the Zaidi Volunteer House in Paje, Zanzibar

  • Breakfast & dinner from Monday to Friday (at lunch and on weekends participants can cook for themselves in the shared kitchen)

  • Airport transfer at arrival and departure

  • Help and advice with the visa and further preparations (regarding vaccinations, travel health insurance, packing list, etc.)

Not included

  • Flight

  • Visa

  • Pocket money for meals on the weekend as well as trips and activities


How to...

become a Volunteer at Zaidi

We differ from large volunteer organizations because, as a small organization, we operate exclusively here in Zanzibar. As a team, we are always on site and will accompany you throughout your entire time in Zanzibar.

After selecting a suitable project and the duration of participation, you can easily register here on the site. As soon as we have received and checked your registration, we will send you a registration confirmation. You then have 2 weeks to transfer the registration fee to us. During this time a place will be reserved for you. After the 2 weeks have passed, we reserve the right to give your place to someone else if necessary.

After paying the registration fees, both your and our preparations can begin. We will register you for your selected project for the specified period and send you access to the My Zaidi volunteer area - here you will find all the important information and documents you will need for your volunteer adventure and you will have the opportunity to meet other volunteers exchange. You will also let us know as soon as you have booked a flight so that we can organize your pickup from the airport. You can then transfer the program fees to our account up to one month before your arrival.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reach us by email or WhatsApp at any time before your arrival.

On the first day after your arrival, there will be an orientation day together with one of our employees, where you will find out everything about your everyday volunteer life in Zanzibar. And we won’t leave you alone at the beginning of the project either. We accompany you to the project on your first day of work.

A typical day 

as a volunteer in Zanzibar

6:30 am Waking up

8:00 am Project work

2:00 Lunch


3:00 pm Free time

7 pm Dinner

10:30 pm Sleeping time

Internship at Zaidi Zanzibar

In addition to classic volunteer work, we also have the opportunity to host you as an internship in the social work course. This means that we invite social work students to complete their 22-week compulsory internship abroad with us in Zanzibar. Both the costs and the visa requirements can be adjusted accordingly. Just send us a message and we'll clarify the details :-)

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