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Project 5

Mamakids Nursery & Primary School

Mamakids Nursery and Primary School is a kindergarten and primary school in one - it is located in Kibele, which is a bit further away from the Zaidi house than the other projects. You can still reach it with the Dalla Dalla in about 30 minutes without changing the bus.

Volunteering bei Mamakids Nursery & Primary

Since the school is pretty new, the Mamakids Nursery & Primary School currently only looks after around 40 kindergarten children and schoolkids. As a result, there is a very family-like and learner-friendly atmosphere. The primary school children are taught in Swahili, English, math, science, environment, art, religion. The school is private, but only charges a very small fee (approx. 13 euros) to enable almost all children to attend school. Nevertheless, some families (especially single parents or orphans) cannot afford the costs, which is why sponsors are constantly being sought. Prospective volunteers could help find sponsors, assist with teaching, and start projects. For example, there are still many walls to be painted and the garden is more or less wild. The school would also be very happy if you brought along various materials such as books, exercise books, pens, etc.


Für mehr Informationen...

Mamakids Nursery & Primary School does not yet have its own website. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the headmaster Mr. Muombwa (Whatsapp: +255773539504).

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